Which area can you improve on personal stress?

Which area can you improve on personal stress?

Which area can you improve on personal stress?Which area can you improve on personal stress


Write a 2.0-page paper (APA style preferred) that summarizes your findings. Include but do not limit yourself to the following information:

Total Scores for the Stress Self-Assessment Surveys
Overall Score for the Stress Coping Resources Survey
What stresses you out the most? exams, not having rent on time, and trying to be a good friend.
Do you have a good support group? Yes My boyfriend and twin sister
Which area of coping is helping you the most? listen to music, go out with my boyfriend, have great sex, and talk about it with loved ones.

Which area can you improve on personal stress?
How will you improve your coping resources? Provide 3 specific examples.
Anything else you feel like sharing?

This should be a well-thought-out written paper that flows. Do not simply answer the questions. Complete the assessment and write a professional complete report about your findings. Challenge yourself to become better. Utilize other resources, other than the book and the surveys provided to you, to add content to your paper.

Which area can you improve on personal stress?



·COHEN PERCEIVED STRESS- SCORED=22 Which means: Scores of 20 or higher are considered high stress, and if you are in this range, you might consider learning new stress reduction techniques as well as increasing your exercise to at least three times a week. High psychological stress is associated with high blood pressure, higher BMI, larger waist-to-hip ratio, shorter telomere length, higher cortisol levels, suppressed immune function, decreased sleep, and increased alcohol consumption. These are all important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

·PERCEIVED STRESS- SCORED= 23: It means, I would be considered moderate stress.

·ARDELL WELLNESS STRESS- SCORED=33: You have mastered the wellness approach to life and have the capacity to deal creatively and efficiently with events and circumstances.

·STRESS COPING- SCORED= 2.80: An overall score of 2.5-3.4 suggests you may be an above-average stress-coper.

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