ACC650 Managerial Accounting: Week 3 Quiz

ACC650 Managerial Accounting: Week 3 Quiz

ACC650 Managerial Accounting: Week 3 Quiz

•Which of the following cost drivers would best be associated with the activity of physician time in a medical clinic?

•Number of new patient visits.

•Number of continuing patient visits.

•Physician minutes with a patient.

•Number of line items on the clinic’s bill.

•The number of accreditations held by the clinic.




•             Magnolia Industries combines all manufacturing overhead into a single cost pool and allocates this overhead to products by using machine hours. Activity-based costing would likely show that with Magnolia’s current procedures that:

•all of the company’s products are undercosted.

•the company’s high-volume products are undercosted.

•all of the company’s products are overcosted.

•the company’s high-volume products are overcosted.

•the company’s low-volume products are overcosted.

•When determining customer profitability, activity-based costing can be used to analyze:

•orders processed.

•sales visits.

•special packaging and handling.

•billing and collections.

•All of the answers are correct.

•Baxter customer service department follows up on customer complaints by telephone inquiry. During a recent period, the department initiated 10,000 calls and incurred costs of $312,000. Of these calls, 3,800 were for the company’s wholesale operation; the remainder was for the retail division. Costs allocated to the retail division are:






•Which of the following is not a broad, cost classification category typically used in activity-based costing?



•Product-sustaining level.



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