Assignment: software development life cycle

Assignment: software development life cycle

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Assignment: software development life cyclesoftware development life cycle

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Discuss each question(1-4) in a least 300 words using at least 2 references in APA format. The roman numerals represent the attached documents that pertain to each question.

1) Describe the seven stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology and explain which functions are performed in each phase. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology stages: Conceptual planning, Planning and requirements definition, Design, Development and Testing, Implementation, Operations and Maintenance, and Disposition.

2) What is the purpose of HIS and technology governance? What are the key groups responsible for HIS and technology governance in healthcare organizations? Finally, why is it important to HIS and technology planning for a healthcare organization to have developed its strategic business plan?

3) Use the materials provided for Palomar Health to answer the following questions:

a. Has Palomar Health succeeded with its financial goals? Use ratios, the budget, and the financial report in answering this question.

b. How does Palomar Health contrast with HCA as a healthcare organization?

I: Board Finance Committee Report Dec 2.pdf Board Finance Committee Report Dec 2.pdf

II: FYE2015 PH Audited Financial Statements_1_.pdf FYE2015 PH Audited Financial Statements_1_.pdf

III:FYE2015 PH Audited Financial Statements.pdf FYE2015 PH Audited Financial Statements.pdf

IIII: FY14budgetpresentationFinal_1_.pdf FY14budgetpresentationFinal_1_.pdf

4) Healthcare Costs: Use these two references to support your answer. What are the issues to address in analyzing the costs of a healthcare procedure? What is the best way to determine what an MRI costs?

I: What Does an MRI Scan Cost.pdf What Does an MRI Scan Cost.pdf – Alternative Formats

II: wp-cost-accounting_NEW.pdf wp-cost-accounting_NEW.pdf – Alternative Formats

Assignment: software development life cycle – Nurses Homework | Nurses Homework

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