Capstone – Master of Health Administration

Capstone – Master of Health Administration

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Master of Health Administration AssignmentMaster of Health Administration

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My course is Integrated Capstone – Master of Health Administration

For this module, please read the following:

American College of Healthcare Executives model for career development planning (CareerEDGE) – Overview information found on website under CareerEDGE
American College of Healthcare Executives ACHE Healthcare Executive 2016 Competencies Assessment Tool
National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) Competency Integration in Health Management Education: Career Development Improvement Tool (Section 4: Planning for Improvement) Copyright National Center for Healthcare Leadership. All rights reserved.
As you read, pay special attention to the following topics

Capstone – Master of Health Administration – Nurses Homework | Nurses Homework

1. The scope of information covered in the Career Development Improvement Tool (NCHL) and in the overview of the ACHE CareerEDGE model

2. The format for capturing this information from both career development tools (CareerEDGE and Career Development Improvement Tool)

3. The benefit of providing the level of detail and information both tools represent in order to achieve the desired goals in career development

Discussion: For module 5, please discuss the following:

What you determine to be the major theme of Module Five;
What lessons you learned from this section; and
How you would apply these lessons to your work.
Please also react to one other student’s critique. Your assignment is limited to one page.

My classmate Discussion.

The major theme of Module Five focused on the two project thesis assignments. I took both assignments as an opportunity to highlight my updated personal profile. My profile in reference to the ACHE core domains post and prior to joining my graduate program. I also referenced my favorite courses, as well to the material I feel was absent from the program, which could have been very helpful for me. As expressed, I find I have improved in all domains but leadership as I am constantly growing as a leader. Yet, business management was not offered to me in my program or at work. Yet I could have benefited from it tremendously.

Module 5 also introduced the 109 page NCHL Career Planning for improvement Tool. This tool highlights a different competency model. Through this tool, I have learned why a health-specific leadership model is important. As suggested a health care leadership model is good for strengthening the practice of health leaders with academic research, continuous learning opportunities, and for the diversity of health leaders

I will apply these lessons but continuously tracking my growth of the ACHE 5-domains even after graduation. Also through the NCHL assessment tool, I also have a sense of appreciation for the importance of the material I am learning in this program.

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