Course Project: Selecting a Communication Goal

Course Project: Part 1 – Selecting a Communication Goal

Introduction: Communication Change Challenge (CCC) Part 1 The Course Project on selecting a communication goal is about improving your interpersonal communication skills. For this project, you will select a relevant interpersonal communication behavior to work on, attempt to change your behavior or pattern in the communication area you selected; and evaluate your progress and performance. Click on the following link for project examples:

Click on the following link for project examples:

Link: Project Examples

Problem Outcome
A 20-something woman recognizes that she appears to frown and/or has a negative facial expression when communicating interpersonally. Others often misread her as a result.


She set the goal of using a positive facial expression when communicating interpersonally. She was more successful at work and received significantly more attention in her personal life as well. She made many new friends and broke off a long-term, unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend as a result of the increased attention.


A 40-something woman with a successful career recognizes that she does not accept criticism well. Generally, she jumped to the defense and never heard, nor considered, the merit of the feedback.


She set the goal of changing her response to receiving criticism. She found that she was able to learn from constructive feedback and was recognized in her review for the positive change in her behavior.


A 30-something man recognizes that he is taken advantage of by his co-workers because he does not know how to say no. He often does the work of several employees and is sometimes even mocked by the co-workers who know that he has this deficit. He set the goal to clearly evaluate requests from co-workers and say “yes” to those that are appropriate and to say “no” to those that are unreasonable. The co-workers were surprised at first and continued to challenge him for a time, but ultimately he won their respect and improved the working relationships significantly.


In Part 1 of the project you will select a communication goal or challenge that is related to interpersonal communication. You will work on this challenge for the duration of the session, so take some time to consider what is worthy of the time.

Note: Later in this course, you will be implementing new communication behaviors to rectify your communication challenge. It is critical that you interact with the person or people identified in Part 1E over the next 8 weeks.

Project Timeline The following is a breakdown of what will be covered in each part of the project:

Part Description Due
1 Selecting a communication goal Week 1
2 Describing communication patterns Week 2 & 3
3 Establishing behavioral goals: What will it look like when I am doing it well? Week 3
4 Analyzing the goal Week 4
5 Covert Rehearsal: Practicing in your imagination Week 5
6 Behavioral Rehearsal: Practicing your new behavior Week 5
7 Actual Implementation: Performing your behavior in real-life situations Week 7
8 Evaluating your progress Week 8

Instructions Take some time to think about challenges you have communicating with other people. These difficulties may involve strangers and acquaintances, friends, family members, or people at school or work. You may identify situations that involve specific individuals or general circumstances. Some examples include having trouble starting a conversation with someone you have never met, saying “no” when your sister asks to borrow money, or avoiding participation in meetings even when you have a question or contribution to the discussion.

Complete the steps in the following framework to identify a goal. Using the template for this week, detail each of the steps to explain how you chose this one communication problem area you intend to change.

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