Financial Management Case Study 

N4455 Nursing Leadership and Management : Financial Management Case Study

Assignment: Financial Management Case Study

One of the important duties of a nurse leader is to manage personnel and personnel budgets. In this assignment, you will assume the role of a nurse manager. You will use given data to make important decisions regarding budgets and staffing.

Some nurse managers have computer spreadsheets or software applications to help them make decisions regarding budgets and staffing. You will only need simple mathematical operations* to perform the needed calculations in this assignment because the scenario has been simplified. Furthermore, some data have been provided for you that a nurse leader might need to gather or compute in a real setting. Still, you will get a glimpse of the complexity of responsibilities nurse leaders shoulder regarding financial management.

· To calculate the percent of the whole a given number represents, follow these steps:

Change the percentage to a decimal number by moving the decimal twice to the left (or dividing by 100).

Multiply the new decimal number by the whole.

Example: What is 30% of 70?

30%= .30; (.30) × 70 = 21

· To find out what percentage a number represents in relation to the whole, follow these steps:

Divide the number by the whole (usually the small number by the large number).

Change the decimal answer to percent by moving the decimal twice to the right (or multiplying by 100).

Example: What percent of 45 is 10?

10 ÷ 45 = .222; so, 10 is 22% of 45.

* You will only need addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Case Study

You are the manager for 3 West, a medical/surgical unit. You have been given the following data to assist you in preparing your budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Patient Data

ADC: 54

Budget based on 5.4 Avg. HPPD

(5.4 HPPD excludes head nurse and unit secretaries)

Staff Data

Total FTEs 37.0 Variable FTEs

1.0 Nurse Manager

2.2 Unit Secretaries

40.2 Total FTEs

Staffing Mix

RN 65%

LVN 20%

NA 15%

Average Salary Scale per Employee

(Fringe benefits are 35% of salaries)

Nurse Manager

$77,999.00 per year

Registered Nurses (RN)

$36.00 per hour

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)

$24.00 per hour

Nurse Aides (NA)

$13.50 per hour

Unit Secretary (US)

$11.25 per hour


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