Nursing Portfolio Assignment Examples

Nursing Portfolio Assignment Examples

Requirements on Nursing Portfolio Assignment Examples: 

This assignment should be an entire document in either word or PDF format with a title page noting the assignment name, student name, course, etc. The assignment should also include a table of contents denoting what of the below documents are on which pages. APA format and writing at the graduate-level is expected.

Using work that you have completed during the MSN program here at Chamberlain University, gather your prior submissions and identify a minimum of 10 exemplars of your graduate work.

Use the worksheet below as a guide to copy your exemplar and to identify with Chamberlain Program Outcome, MSN Essential, and NONPF Competency that each exemplar meets.

You must include at least 10 exemplars, and as a group, each Chamberlain Program Outcome, MSN Essential, and NONPF Competency has to be addressed at least once.

If you do not have an exemplar that meets these criteria, you can write an exemplar in the area that is not represented by your prior work.

Identify at least 2 concepts from each exemplar and how they connect to the Chamberlain Program Outcome, MSN Essential, and NONPF Competency that you have identified.

Reflect on how you have met the outcome, essential, and/or competency for each exemplar and how it has transformed you as a prospective masters-prepared advanced practice nurse.

Combine the 2 concepts from each exemplar and create a concept map on how these concepts interconnect and interrelate to each other in the framework of the NONPF Competencies.

All items are to be written as a formal APA paper. Do not use the worksheet table mentioned in #2 above in the body of your assignment. The purpose of the worksheet is to help you gather resources.

Exemplars are defined as a prior assignment you completed in the FNP program that you feel is a good reflection of the work you have accomplished while a graduate student. Typically, it’s an assignment that you may have enjoyed completing, learned something new from, or did well academically. Think of it as your “best work.” An exemplar should be considered for the portfolio if it:

Taught you something

Provided new understandings and/or changed your practice

Made you clearly see a difference being made

Made you notice something new

Opened up new ways of solving problems or new lines of inquiry

Changed the way you think about a clinical issue or problem

Was particularly demanding or memorable

Examples: a paper, SOAP note, notable discussion thread, etc.

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