PICOT Evidence Review 1 Evidence Search

PICOT Evidence Review 1 Evidence Search

Assignment on PICOT Evidence Review 1 Evidence Search

The Joint Commission has predicted an estimate of 80% of serious level medical errors as being associated with the miscommunication between the caregivers during hand-off among the patients. The implication of the handoff is the transfer as well as the acceptance of the responsibility for the care of the patient attainable by means of enhancing communication effectiveness (Halms, 2013). In most cases, crucial information about the care of the patient is lost during changes in shifts. There is thus a need for enhancement of the safety and quality of handoff that requires the implementation of strategies that can support that initiative (Gordon & Findley, 2011). This assignments posits to shed light on the issue of hand-off and identify potential solution through the PICO(T) question formulation. It is also prudent to make use of information technology in searching the databases that offer evidence and select the suitable evidence that support the PICO(T) question as well as a critical appraisal of the evidence.

Most facilities lack information standardization that is essential during handoff in intensive care units that translates to high degree of inaccuracy in information exchange. The situation leads to inconsistent patient care with a high degree of dissatisfaction among the patients as well as the staff responsible for the patient care. The family members of the patients can also be affected and it can be catastrophic to the patients. The Joint Commissions and the National Patient Safety Goals suggests the need for improvements in communication effectiveness among the caregivers (The Joint Commission, 2018).

The evidence search shall be guided by a PICO(T) question that is developed for the purpose of executing evidence review on the best practices that entails the adult patients who are discharged with instructions as well as follow-up post disacharge in the emergency department.

Among the adults in the intensive care unit (P), does the handoff among the nurses that incorporate the patients with the family members (I), relative to the handoff that involves the nurses only (C), leads to improved nursing and the clinician satisfaction in communication (O) during the length of stay in the ICU (T).

In the above PICO(T) question, the population, P includes the adult patients in the ICU. The intervention, I is the nursing handoff at the end of the shift that involves the patient and the family members. The standard practice –comparison is the nurse handoff report. The outcomes, O entail the enhanced collaboration of care as well as the comprehension of the patient, the patient safety as well as satisfaction. Time, T is the length of stay in the ICU.


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