The lockbox system Exam Question

The lockbox system Exam Question


The lockbox system Exam QuestionThe lockbox system Exam Question

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I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

I need someone to help me with an exam that has 7 calculation questions.

the exam will have similar questions just like those examples

Fargo Memorial Hospital has annual patient service revenues of $14,400,000. It has two major third-party payers, and some of its patients are self-payers. The hospital’s patient accounts manager estimates that 10% of the hospital’s billings are paid (received by the hospital) on Day 30, 60% are paid on Day 60, and 30% are paid on Day 90. (5% of total billings end up as bad debt losses, but that figure is not relevant to this problem.)

D) Suppose the hospital’s annual cost of carrying receivables is 10%. If the electronic claims system costs $30,000 a year to lease and operate, should it be adopted? (Assume that the entire receivables balance has to be financed.)

Drugs R Us operates a mail-order pharmaceutical business in San Francisco. The firm receives an average of $325,000 in payments per day. On average, it takes four days from the time customers mail their checks until the firm receives them. The company is considering establishing a lockbox system, in which customers’ pay- ments would be sent to nearby banks (local in terms of the purchasers) instead of directly to San Francisco. Banks in the lockbox locations would then wire the daily receipts to a single (concentration) bank.

The lockbox system, which would consist of ten local depository banks and a concentration bank, would cost Drugs R Us a total of $6,500 per month. Under this system, customers’ checks would be received at the ten lockbox locations one day after they are mailed, and the daily total from each of the ten lockbox locations would be wired to the concentration bank at a cost of $9.75 per transfer.

The lockbox system Exam Question – Nurses Homework | Nurses Homework

Assume that the firm could earn 10 percent on short-term investments; further assume 260 working days, and hence 260 transfers from each lockbox loca- tion, per year.

What is the total annual cost of operating the lockbox system?
What is the dollar benefit of the system to Drugs R Us?
Should the firm initiate the lockbox system?
Note: I don’t need the answers for those questions . just wanted to make sure you get the idea of how the exam will looks like

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