Florida National University HAS-6185Management of Health Care Organization: Assignment Week 5 Organizational Analysis Successful Strategies for Teams: Chapters 12 & 13 Objective: For this assignment, you will describe and analyze the characteristics of four types of teams, assess the methods of collaboration used in each type of team and evaluated them in Health care center of your choosing. The paper will be 4-5 pages long. More information and due date will provide in the assignments link. ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (10%): Students will critically evaluate the readings from Chapter 12 to 13 on your textbook. The Purpose of this Organizational analysis is to build and generate a group of the strategies that help to Successful work and progress for Teams in specific areas of the Health Facility that you will be choose. You need to choose a Health care setting and develop a 4-5-page paper long including title page and references page that established your understanding and ability to recount the readings to your Health Care setting. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard margins. Follow APA style 7th edition format when referring to the selected articles and include a reference page. EACH PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE THE
FOLLOWING: 1. Introduction (25%) Provide a brief synopsis of the meaning (not a description) of each Chapter and articles you read, in your own words. 2. Your Successful Strategies for Teams (50%) a. Present the Objectives of the specific Teamwork. b. Form, organized and Localize the Team: identifying what and how each member can contribute to meeting the objective of the Teams work. c. Present the collections of Successful Strategies that will improve the effective management and maintain an open and collaborative approach in order to maximize the creative potential and advantages for the Organization. 3. Conclusion (15%) Briefly recapitulate your thoughts & deduction to this assignment and your assessment of the articles and Chapter you read. How did these articles and Chapters influence your thoughts about Collaborating and working inside the Health care Organization as Teams? How this Organization Analysis help you in relation to Team Leadership. Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular: a) The clarity with which you present and analyzed the strategies; b) The depth, scope, and organization of your Organizational Analysis paper; and, c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these articles and Chapters on any Healthcare Organization. ASSIGNMENT RUBRICS Assignments Guidelines Introduction Your Strategies Conclusion Total 1 Points 2.5 Points 5 Points 1.5 Points 10 points 10% 25% 50% 15% 100% ASSIGNMENT GRADING SYSTEM A B+ B C+ C D F Dr. G 90% – 100% 85% – 89% 80% – 84% 75% – 79% 70% – 74% 60% – 69% 50% – 59% Or less.
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