Walden NURS6521 Quiz Week 8

Walden NURS6521 Quiz Week 8

Walden NURS6521 Quiz Week 8

Question 1 A 15-year-old boy is being carefully monitored for a skin infection and is being given ciprofloxacin. The nurse will observe for which of the following?

A) Arthropathy
B) Colitis
C) Hepatitis
D) Hypotension

Question 2 A patient has been admitted to the critical care unit of the hospital with bacterial septicemia that has failed to respond to initial antibiotic treatment. The patient’s most recent blood cultures reveal the presence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the patient’s blood. The nurse will anticipate that this patient will likely require intravenous administration of what antibiotic?

A) Vancomycin
B) Penicillin G
C) Cefazolin
D) Doripenem (Doribax)

Question 3 Mr. Laird is a 49-year-old electrician who experienced severe burns on his trunk, arms, and hands in a workplace accident 2 weeks ago. Part of his current wound care regimen involves the daily application of silver sulfadiazine to his wounds.The nurses who are providing care for Mr. Laird in the burns and plastics unit of the hospital should perform what action when administering this medication?

A) Apply a layer of silver sulfadiazine that is sufficiently thick to make the wound bed invisible.
B) Cleanse the wound of debris prior to applying the silver sulfadiazine
C) Apply a thin layer of the drug to Mr. Laird’s wound beds using clean technique.
D) Perform thorough wound care immediately after the application of silver sulfadiazine

Question 4 A patient is prescribed ganciclovir to treat a CMV infection. An oral dosage is prescribed. To help increase bioavailability of the drug, the nurse will encourage the patient to take the medication

A) with high-fat meals
B) with orange juice
C) on an empty stomach
D) with high-protein meals

Question 5 A patient has endocarditis and is taking gentamicin. The nurse will be sure to monitor which of the following?

A) Potassium level
B) Creatinine clearance
C) Serum albumin level
D) Prothrombin time



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