Term Paper: healthcare organization analysis

Term Paper: healthcare organization analysis

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Term Paper: healthcare organization analysishealthcare organization analysis

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Readings:Chapter 13 & 16.

Supplemental Materials:

There are not any power points for these chapters.

Health systems are constantly updating their strategic plans that project out 3-10 years.

The strategic plan guides the investment in new programs and services.

Review steps 1-13 of the planning process in chapter 13 beginning on page 300.

Assignments:Your term paper is due this week.

Evaluation: Term Paper (100 points)

This is an individual effort. Each student must select a healthcare organization to analyze.

In the year 2018, 81% of hospitals were organized as not-for-profits or government hospitals

while 19% were for-profit hospitals (AHA Fast Facts US Hospitals, 2018). Most of you

probably work for a not-for-profit organization. For-profit health systems are concentrated in

Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Most of the for-profit health systems are

publicly traded on stock exchanges and are required to disclose a significant amount of

information about the organization to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not-for-profit

health systems have limited requirements for disclosing financial information which presents

challenges if you want to analyze not-for-profit health systems.

Not for profit organizations is: Cuyuna Regional Medical Center: Crosby, MN

The above organization’s financial statements are available for you to download on the course

website under the tab: Term Paper Resources. I obtained the above financial statements from

www.dacbond.com or http://www.emma.msrb.org/

Purpose: The purpose of the term paper is for students to develop skills needed to analyze the

financial health of an organization.

Term Paper: healthcare organization analysis – Nurses Homework | Nurses Homework

Content: Include a title page and appropriate references. The paper should be double spaced using 12 point font.

The paper will include the following parts:

1. Introduction and Executive Summary.

2. (10 Points) Discuss background of the organization. Discuss favorable and unfavorable trends

for the organization. Use the internet to research the organization. If the organization is based in

Minnesota be sure to search the Minneapolis Star Tribune Newspaper website and local

newspaper websites. Talk about recent initiatives or programs that the health system is engaged

in. This section should be at least one page.

3. (20 Points) You need to cite at least three different sources in this section. Discuss current

trends in the healthcare industry and note both favorable and unfavorable trends that could

impact a healthcare system’s financial performance. Publicly traded organizations are required

to prepare an annual report to shareholders called a 10K. This document provides a wealth of

information about an organization and its industry.

I have provided a copy of an annual report for a publicly traded healthcare system (10K) on the

course website that you must read and you must have at least one reference to the 10K in your

paper. Be sure to cite your sources in this section.

This section on healthcare industry trends should be at least two pages.

4. Financial Statement Analysis-Balance Sheet and Income statement (40 Points)

Please complete the ratios and attach them as an appendix which can be sent in a separate file. Be sure to show the detail of your ratio calculations.

Analyze the cost structure of the organization. What are the two largest expense categories on the income statement? Have these expense categories increased or
Ratio Analysis — Calculate ratios for 2 years and show your detail(see chapter 3)
State what each ratio means.
Calculate each of the 6 ratios listed below and show detail. Comment on whether the ratio has improved from last year to the current year.
Compare current year ratios to S&P industry median ratios listed below. Are the organization’s ratios more favorable or less favorable than S&P Industry median ratios.
decreased over the past year?

Current ratio S&P A rated = 1.9
Average collection period ratios S&P A rated = 59.7
Days cash on hand, all sources, ratio S&P A rated = 108.6
Operating margin ratio S&P A rated = 2.0
Excess Margin (Total margin ratio) S&P A rated = 2.1
Net asset financing ratio S&P A rated = 53.5
5. (5 points) Operating Indicators (statistics)

List 5 operating indicators and show the current year and prior year amounts. Comment on whether the trend is favorable or unfavorable.
Examples of operating indicators for a hospital include, number of inpatients, patient days, Average Length of Stay (ALOS), number of outpatient visits, number of surgeries, number of emergency room visits and number of physician office visits.
6. (5 points) Analyze the organization’s payor mix. List the two largest payors. How does this

organization compare to MN Hospital averages of Medicare 30%, Medicaid 12% other payers

58% based on net patient revenues? Does this organization have a favorable payor mix in terms

of reimbursement? According to the Minnesota Hospital Association (2018) Medicare

reimburses on average 87% of costs and Medicaid reimburses 85% of costs so hospitals are

losing money on Medicare and Medicaid patients.

7. (2 points) Consider the ratios and operating indicators of your organization as you answer this

question. Is the organization profitable? How is the trend from last year to this year for

profit/loss? Is the organizations profit improving or declining compared to last year?

8. (8 points) What recommendations would you make in order to improve the financial

performance of the organization? You should have at least three recommendations. Discuss each

recommendation in depth (one or two paragraphs for each recommendation) to earn full credit.

9. Conclusion.

(remaining 10 points will be assigned based on the overall paper quality and compliance with

APA guidelines)


Note to Healthcare Finance Course : Below is part of the 10k the annual report that publicly traded (for profit) companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This 10K is for Community Health Systems, December 31, 2018. This company owns many rural facilities. Please read this document so that you get a better understanding of the challenges that healthcare systems face. This document gives you an understanding of this health systems business strategy.

Please read through page 42.

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